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“The potent concoctions of the unexpected, each provoking the surreal, cinematic experience of a partially remembered dream…”, says Daniela Andrier about her latest perfume line. This is the best way to sum up the Prada Olfactories fragrance collection. They created 10 unique scents, each with its own equally unique graphic collage (we included each one below).

The images are designed to reflect a dream and trigger the subconscious mind. Andrier adds that “The colors and feeling are all broken up in one’s mind, and that’s how these fragrances were constructed—that these are possibly memories that belong to them.”

It’s an exciting take on expression – turning the fabric of dreams into a collection of scents. Let’s look at each one:

Prada Olfactories Collection
Prada Olfactories, Exclusively Available at Saks


“The scent of a twilight passage on the high seas”

CARGO DE NUIT: An ocean voyage under the cover of night. Celestial navigation and shadowy cargo. A daring, yet addictive journey.


“The personal, yet universal scent of lipstick”

TAINTED LOVE: Playful and charming, with a regressive edge of nostalgia. A glossy and seductive bullet fired from the laboratory to the vanity.


“The complex, yet understated scent of Iris, potent in its powdery charms”

PURPLE RAIN: Prada’s iconic Iris re-imagined. The fragile perennial fortified into an opulent bloom that evokes its namesake goddess of the rainbow: a link between land and sky, heaven and humanity.


“The ultimate amber scent”

DAY FOR NIGHT: A modern encounter with ancient nature, preserved for eternity in hardened honey. The patient work of a quill pen reflected in a dark and precious chamber.


“The scent of leather lined in suede: rich, soft and refined”

DOUBLE DARE: A tranquil park transformed into a jungle, where an exquisite handbag beckons wild inquisitors. Stalking glances grow bolder in the quest for creature comforts.


“The scent of a holiday in the sun”

HEAT WAVE: An island arrival, as evening wanes. Stepping into humid darkness, the air dense with a silent chorus of night-blooming flowers.


“The scent of a charming, baroque escape, otherworldly in its richness”

MARIENBAD: A hotel suspended between Western ease and Eastern ouds. Souvenirs of an elegantly crumbling empire: leather-bound volumes to be devoured with spiced tortes, black coffee, and a view of the Danube.


“The scent of fluorescent pink blossoms, at once stylized and innocent”

PINK FLAMINGOS: A cloud of pink bubbles floating through the heart of Tokyo. The joyful embrace of nature and the synthetic animates the familiar to produce heightened sensations.


“The scent of stolen moments of peace, at once calming and invigorating”

UN CHANT D’AMOUR: A soft white orb glows with the promise of pure comfort and a fresh start. The long-awaited retreat beneath cool, crisp layers of white cotton. A tender immersion.


“The scent of an Orange Blossom dipped in gold”

NUE AU SOLEIL: A golden nectar bursts forth from a newly cultivated flower. The exotic and the elegant intertwined to produce a regal, earthy elixir.

Prada Olfactories Packaging

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