Best designer bag sale

On Sale: 10 Designer Bags with Amazing Price

We can’t get enough of this year’s annual designer sales from luxury department stores! It’s like being in a candy shop! For luxury lovers, check out these iconic designer handbags on sale! Neiman Marcus recently added more premier designer bags to their sale section and they are selling fast! These 10 bags, you really don’t want to miss!

1. Valentino’s My Rockstud Striped Satchel

2. Christian Louboutin’s Sweet Charity Spike Bag

3. Fendi’s Jeweled Baguette

4. Jimmy Choo’s Signature Chandra Clutch

5. Nancy Gonzalez’s Crocodile Satchel with Mink Fur Accent

6. Alexander McQueen’s Roses Metallic Clutch

7. Gucci’s Bamboo Sac Backpack

8. Bottega Veneta’s Classic Woven Leather Bags

9. Saint Laurent’s Monogram College Crossbody

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