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How to Do 10-Min Dry Cleaning… AT HOME

Imagine having your own dry cleaning system at home. That blouse needs a ‘quick me up’? No problem. Pants wrinkled from this mornings ‘activities’? Press ’em while you’re having coffee.

Now, with the touch of a button, at-home dry cleaning in just 10 minutes. If this thing works, We are getting one!

swash home dry cleaning

The SWASH Express Clothing Care System is in the Sept. issue of Instyle magazine. Not only is this great for saving both money and additional time, but it’s also stylish and minimal.

The SWASH dry cleaning machine is beautifully designed to fit inside your house and comes in both metallic silver and black. Once you push the start button, it starts by neutralizing odors, then switches to a heat circulation technology to restore the fit, and finally dries and removes wrinkles – all in 10 minutes.

Demonstration on how it works:

swash express clothing care system silver
SWASH Express Clothing Care System comes in 2 different colors – Metallic Silver and Black

swash pods from tide

Each disposable pod costs about 58 cents ($6.99 for a pack of 12). 58 cents for each item dry-cleaned sounds great to us! If you’re a frequent traveler, this will save you a lot of money. You can buy the SWASH Express Clothing Care system at Amazon.

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