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15 of The Most Unique Wine Decanters

Wine is proof that god loves us and wants to see us happy
~ Benjamin Franklin

At Lovika, we love wine. And although we can’t call ourselves connoisseurs, we do pay attention to the little things that can turn a wine from “pretty good” to “Mmmm”.

A must-have for any wine lover is a decanter. For those who don’t already know, decanters are incredibly useful containers that provide a bit of breathing room for any liquid. Some wines taste wonderful as soon as they’re poured into a glass. Others need to touch air to soften to their most enjoyable form. Another key benefit of using a wine decanter is that it filters sediments. When wine is poured into a decanter, any sediment that may have been included is trapped in the base.

Here, we picked 15 of the most unique and exotic wine decanters that are sure to upgrade your wine and the table it sits on. A few are traditional and some are not, but each one is impeccably designed.

Whether it’s for an intimate event or a gathering of your peers, there’s no better way to make your wines stand out!

15 Unique Wine Decanters

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