20 Pretty designer clutch bags

20 Clutch Bags that Will Instantly Upgrade Your Look

Casual clutch bags are big! Unlike its cousin, the evening clutch (which usually is dressed-up for events), what’s great about the casual clutch is its versatility and how fashionable such a little accessory can make you look.

The best way to style it is with your everyday staple items: jeans, tops, a flowing dress, shorts… anything you normally wear (except for PJs). The casual clutch will add an elegant vibe while also being effortless.

Here, we have narrowed the selection down to 20 amazing casual clutch purses to show off many years. As you will see, they are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Our must-have? The Louibow clutch from Christian Louboutin. This stiletto-patterned clutch carries an old-school Sex and the City chic with stunning architectural design.

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