6 Alex and Ani Bangles that Will Become Your Staple

We are noticing an increasing number of fashion brands with a great collection of personalized charms and bracelets  (Pandora, Nialaya to name a few well-known brands).

Our latest exciting find? Alex and Ani. What makes so exciting about them is that each jewelry piece (whether it’s a bangle, bracelet, ring, or necklace) carries a special meaning to help improve a certain aspect of your life (love, courage, more energy….they have it all).

Here, we picked the 6 Alex and Ani’s most amazing looking bangles that you will absolutely love.

alex and ani carousel beaded bangles

Carousel Beaded Bangles/Bracelets

The Carousel Expandable Wire Bangle showcases round, marbled beads and small, glittering crystals.

Design Inspiration: As the carousel revolves, music echoes across the fairground and warmly glowing lights illuminate a collection of brightly painted horses.

Meaning: Inspired by the intricate beauty of this spinning ride, it is meant to be worn as an affirmation to embrace the exhilaration and thrill of the world as it sails by.

alex and ani quill sacred studs bangles

Sacred Studs (Chakras) Bangles/Bracelets

Design Inspiration: Bangles inspired by 7 Chakras located in our body – this collection emphasizes the idea that each chakra is associated with a specific color that affects the body in a particular way. Utilize the power of these hues to balance your energy and apply bright vibrations to your mind, body, and soul.

Meanings: The scared studs collection has over 10 different colors and each color symbolizes something meaningful in life. Below, I created a chart of Alex and Ani Sacred Studs and their meanings. Pick one or two symbols you want the most in your life!

alex and ani bangles meanings

alex and ani quill precious initial charm bangles

Precious Initial Bangles/Bracelets

Design Inspiration: Created with sterling silver and 14kt gold filled metals, the Precious Metal Collection showcases pieces to be cherished for a lifetime.

Meaning: Experience the priceless journey of self-discovery and express your divine individuality with precious, sacred pieces

alex and ani quill artists bangles

Artist’s Palette Beaded Bangles

A tassel made entirely from delicately linked chains hangs beneath a sweeping row of elegant, polished metal beads and two larger, brighter beads complete the look.

Inspiration: Artist’s palette – where experiments are made, risks are taken, and an artist’s masterpiece begins.

Meaning: As you embark on your own creative journey, let the unique splendor of the Artist’s Palette Beaded Bangle showcase your daring and original side.

alex and ani quill feather wrap bangles

Quill Feather Wrap Bangle/Bracelet

Inspiration and Meaning: Inspired by ancient belief on a symbol of feather – It represents light and air, a feather is the bearer of truth and justice. Ancient Egyptians believed a pure heart weighed as light as a feather. In Christianity, feathers represent virtues of charity, hope, and faith. Bestow the feather to seek wisdom and reach new heights.

alex and ani rock and raw bangles

Rock and Raw Bangle/Bracelet

Encrusted with glittering spikes and crystals, this ornate wrap is boldly feminine.

Meaning: Confidently move forward to seize any opportunities that you dare to dream up.

alex and ani quill deco wrap bangles

Deco Wrap Bangles

The Deco Wrap consists of subtly patterned chevron-edged beads with a fusion touch of vintage beauty and modern class

Inspiration and Meaning: Inspired by the iconic style of the 1920s, it is designed encourage an inherited, eccentric way of thinking, feeling and doing.

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