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Alexander McQueen Skull Rings

Alexander McQueen Skull Jewelry Collection

What some people find to be a bit on the creepy side, others consider art.  Regardless of your preferences, the gold and silver skulls below are simply stunning! When the house of Alexander McQueen decides to create something dark and edgy, they do so by creating awe-inspiring pieces out of the best materials.

Their famous skull jewelry collection is a classic example of how something that symbolizes mortality can also look feminine, exotic and gorgeous. These stunning jewelry pieces – necklaces, bracelets and rings – are decorated with different sizes of Swarovski crystals. Just look at the impeccably detailed carving.

Reminds us of Indiana Jones, for some reason.

Skull with Jet-black Leopard Skin

A thick skull of goldtone brass, dramatic in proportion, carved out with inky, enamel-inset leopard print and jet black Swarovski crystal

Bejeweled Skulls

Cast in antiqued goldtone brass, set as a pendant with Swarovski crystal accents, including a regal crown (for necklace) and a whimsical bee accent (for ring)

Skulls and Florals

A beautiful floral crown to elicit springtime flair, cast from sleek silvertone brass with the crisp shimmer of Swarovski crystal accents.

Spiked Mohawks

A skull ring of smooth goldtone brass with sharp, spiked mohwak receives an eerie assortment of Swarovski crystal accents, set glowing at its eyes, sprawled to shape a menacing grin, and gouging its head with random punctures.

Classic McQueen

Fun classic McQueen Pieces! Swarovski crystal accented on two goldtone skulls.

Feisty Fins

A fish fin protrudes as the mohawk – Cast of gleaming goldtone brass with glare and grin carved out by fiery Swarovski crystal.

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