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You Can Now Buy Michelin-Starred Chef’s Exclusive Cookware

If you are a foodie, this may be one of the most exciting bits of news of for the last few years! Thomas Keller,  in many ways the godfather in the culinary world, recently partnered with Williams-Sonoma to introduce a line of cookware designed to make your home cooking experience more professional.

Yeah, yeah. I know. Celebrity cookware is the norm, so much so that we ignore the name on it and choose based on price… only to realize their faults after first use. This set is intended to break that tradition.

Considering that Keller has successfully operated two restaurants with 3 Michelin stars (French Laundry in SF & Per Se in NY), he knows what he’s doing in the kitchen (see the 3-star Michelin restaurants for 2015). This is definitely NOT your typical celebrity collaboration.

According to the Williams-Sonoma official site:

“Designed to bring Chef Keller’s cookware preferences to home cooks, these All-Clad-crafted pans reflect his philosophy that any cookware collection should include a mix of materials intended for specific tasks.”

thomas keller all clad tk 11 pieces cookware

The All-Clad TK cookware collection includes the following in the 11-piece set:

  • 3 copper core sauce pots (for precise temp control)
  • 2 d5 fry pans and a rondeau (for optimal browning)
  • 1 tri-ply stockpot
  • 3 universal lids

The pieces include features you commonly expect from high-end cookware, including flared edges for drip-free pouring, ergonomic handles, and stackability. But what seems to make All-Clad + TK different from others are the little (ok… not-so-little) things. For instance, his sauce pots are composed of 5 layers of two different metals to create a temperature-balanced cooking surface.

Whether you are shopping for a special holiday gift for your foodie friend or in need of a new set yourself, this seems like the perfect item to add to your list. The collection comes in 4, 7, and 11 piece sets available at Williams-Sonoma (online and in-store).

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