Black dress outfit tips

How to Make Your LBD Stand Out at a Party

Here is a situation: You get dressed up in a beautiful black dress for a holiday party. Once you arrive, you notice several (if not all) other women wearing similar black dresses. No matter how many intricate details a little black dress may have, it’s hardly noticeable amongst a sea of little black dresses in dim lighting. You realize your look doesn’t make you feel so special anymore.

Yes, the black dress is a classic for parties, events, and many other occasions. And because of its popular nature, it is the go-to clothing for many women, which in turn, can make it tough to stand out from the crowd.

In this edit, we reveal 5 simple yet effective accessories that will instantly transform your black dress into an eye-catching glamorous look. Using the right combination of one or more of these items will make sure that you’re the most eye-catching woman in the room.

how to stand out in a black dress
necklace | earrings | fur outwear | lipstick | clutch

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