Fendi micro bags

Fendi Micro Bags

OK, these things deserve special attention. We briefly mentioned them in the Fendi Spring-Summer 2015 handbag article, but they’re exiting enough to warrant a follow-up.

Fendi micro bags are by far the most uniquely creative accessory to come out so far this year.

For a few interpretations of the ‘birth’ of these bags, we suggest you check this out. It’s just a little over 1 minute, and is “fun in a Fendi way (this would be a great marketing campaign tagline).  In the video, Fendi shows you 7 possible theories of where their micro hags originally come from (we promise it will put a smile on your face!).

What’s your favorite? Our favorite is #7 – The Racket Theory (Note: Don’t try it at home!).

The Fendi Micro Bags come in either a Baguette or a Peekaboo design. Wear them alone or as a additional bit of fun that goes beautifully on top of a regular or large-size satchel.

Micro Monster Baguettes

From the Runway:


Get Creative:

Micro Baugettes

From the Runway:


Get Creative:

Micro Peekaboos

From the Runway:


Get Creative:

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