5 Super Model Posture Tips

Celebrities and models are masters at this. In every photo they are in, use these techniques to look slim, beautiful, and more glamorous. Yes, most of them wear a 0, but the real secret to achieving a model quality on camera is all in the pose!

There are a number of ways to look great in pictures. In this “skinny-pose” guide, we will reveal the TOP posing techniques you can master easily. Start taking advantage of these tricks for instantly thinner and more glamorous looks in photos.

5 BEST Secrets on How to Pose Like a Model in Pictures


FACE – Turn your face slightly to the photogenic side of you

Did you know one side of your face is more attractive than the other side? The simplest way to find out is by taking selfies with your smartphone. Take a number of photos from each side and compare which angles show off your face the best. For me, it’s my left side.

What to Avoid:when posing for the camera, don’t look straight at the camera – Direct head-on shots lose the contours of your face, which actually makes your face appear wider than it should.


ARMS – Put one hand on your hip for a thinner-looking arm

This is a common theme in celebrity photos, especially at red carpet events. They always find opportunities to put their hands on their hips.

What to Avoid: Don’t press your upper arm (near your armpit, especially) tightly against your body. This forces that portion of your arm to flatten out, which causes them to appear wider. When you want to instantly look slimmer, hold your arms away from the body.


LEGS – Create a X-shape or put one leg in front of the other.

The easiest way to create the appearance of lean and skinnier legs is to create a X-shape by slightly crossing your legs together. Another great way is to put one leg forward and create an slight angle towards the center of your body while the other leg is rather straight and located on the back.

What to Avoid: The power stance. Sometimes models will pose with both hands on their hips and their legs apart. This stance works for some situations, but it won’t make you skinnier.


OVERALL BODY – Straighten up your back for a long and lean look.

A slouching posture can not only negatively impact the way you look in pictures, but can also lead to other issues down the road. The last thing we want to see in photos is a turtle back. In order to look like a model in pictures, pull your shoulders and head backwards to achieve a taller and skinner look.


OVERALL BODY – Create an angle.

Whether it’s your face or your body, facing directly at the camera can make you look awkward and unnatural. The number one rule for a classic model pose is to turn your body at 45 degree compared to the camera. For the face angle, the same logic applies. Instead of looking straight at the camera, either tilt your head slightly in whichever position makes you look more attractive.

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