$500 Candle

Candles always have the ability to make an environment more luxurious. We always keep an eye out for candles that can fill my house with scents of the seasons, especially Christmas! The holiday spirit has always been very dear to me, so we search for candles with soft scents of pine. Shockingly, we came across a candle made by Jo Malone London that was priced at $470!

Jo Malone Candle - Pine and Eucalyptus
Jo Malone’s Pine & Eucalyptus Luxury Candle Priced at $455

We don’t mind spending $60 to $100 for a decent candle since some of them have the seemingly magical power of transporting me to distant memories, but for $470, this one better be worth it.

Let’s imagine what should be in a 470 dollar candle

It should last from this Christmas until next year’s. It should smell perfectly like the mountain cabin from that rendezvous two winters ago, including the subtle scent of white truffle and lavender. The jar should be designed by Swarovski and each purchase should come with an Abercrombie hottie to light it and blow it out for you.

Ok. Now let’s see how this one measures up…

The design definitely isn’t Swarovski, which is unfortunate. All jokes aside, they should have at least put a little more attention into the product design. Packaging is great, but the glass jar is overly basic. Both Diptyque and Cire Trudon make similar quality candles in beautiful jars that you put in prominent places in your home. They’re great to look at even when they’re not lit.

This brings us to the next critical aspect… the size. This thing is huge – 88 Oz – a few times the size of a typical candle from the most currently beloved candle brand of all (Diptyque). The 230 hour burn time won’t last until next Christmas, but it should last for this one, at least.

Jo Malone did put a lot of effort into a perfectly balanced scent, taking advantage of their successful history in the fragrance market. It’s designed to keep your room filled with a wonderful sweet pine and eucalyptus… perfect for Christmas eve and morning.

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