Yacht for ladies only

$100 Million Yacht for Ladies Only

Believe it! For a select few people who tend to indulge in ultra-luxury lifestyles, only the most extravagant toys will do. Yachts are a common purchase, but they are normally associated with rich guys and their hot model entourage.

But now there is a vessel intended for the fairer sex (if they can afford it). La Belle is the first luxury mega-sized yacht designed specifically for ladies. Lidia Bersani, the interior designer of La Belle, used her magic touch to make it unforgettable.

So what’s inside?

First, the La Belle yacht is designed to accommodate up to 12 guests more than comfortably. It has a huge master bedroom with a panoramic view located on the second deck, along with 5 additional guest suites.

As you can see below, the interior is full of chic and comfortable elements in colors of white, ivory, and gold. In addition, there are large crystals everywhere to accentuate the style with a bit of glitz.

Other female-focused features include:

  • A built-in spa with a high-pressure massage pool, as well as infrared sauna or snow room
  • A fitness club and beauty center
  • Swimming pools and jacuzzi for a couple of glasses of wine
  • A library with fireplace
  • A few lounges and dining areas
  • A theater room with individual sofas
  • It’s own night club and a few bars
  • The exterior decks are perfect for relaxing and tanning
  • A helicopter landing pad on the top

Let’s get to photos:

Lidia Bersani La belle Yacht Interior Library with Golden Fireplace Lidia Bersani La belle Yacht Interior Main Dock – Custom-Made Piano and Harp among crystal columns Lidia Bersani La belle Yacht Interior Main Dock – Main Decor colors with White, Ivory and Gold

Main Dock (Close-up) – Decorated with Mega-sized Swarovski Crystals

Lidia Bersani La belle Yacht Interior Master Bedroom with Private Terrace on the Second Deck Lidia Bersani La belle Yacht Interior Theater – Individual Sofas made of Silk Velvet and Gold Leather

la bella yacht sun deck
Sun Deck – Helicopter Pad on Top

Lidia Bersani La belle Yacht La Belle Yacht Designed by Lidia Bersani

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