A Little Gadget That Can Read Your Mind

Whether you’re a full-on yogi or simply meditate to de-stress from your daily routine, there’s always a question remaining somewhere in the back in our minds: ‘Am I making any progress?

Well, we may be able to help you with that. It’s a brain-sensing device called “Muse.”

muse brain sensing headband
muse brain sensing headband

This brainwave measuring technology (called EEG) was previously only available at research centers or well-funded hospitals. In other words, it was practically impossible to access this type of technology for typical consumer use… until now.

This wearable device provides the same technology that research institutes have been using for measuring brain signals.

muse headband

What makes the Muse headband very useful (and so cool) is its real-time feedback. For instance, you have noticed your mind always wanders whenever you try to focus on something intensely (whether it’s reading a book, driving or going to sleep). The Muse headband recognizes your wandering moments and sends you audio feedback.

Basically, it’s a wake-up call for your ability to focus. After practicing using this device, you will be in better control… helping to increase not only your focus, but also your positive energy.

 The Muse brain sensing headband is available at Amazon and Gaiam at $299.

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