LOVIKA | Nina Ricci Irrisor tote bags

Nina Ricci Irrisor Totes

When fashion takes a turn toward something totally unexpected, that’s when the fun begins. These whimsical “Irrisor” totes are the latest addition to Nina Ricci’s handbag line. They showcase minimal design with modern and clean silhouettes, but what makes Irrisor totes stand out from the rest is definitely the shape.

Nina Ricci Irrisor Tote Bags
Nina Ricci Irrisor Totes

While totes are usually known to be a “carry-all”, Nina Ricci’s Irrisor bags are more on the fashionable side with a “less is more” attitude.

Irrisor tote bags come in various sizes – large, medium, and small – and are priced between $690 to $1190 exclusively at Barneys.


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