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In today’s connected world, everyone has a short list of gadgets that they cannot live without. For some, it’s their mobile phone or tablet. For others, it’s their computer. Regardless of what it is, we expect that it will work perfectly, it will be easy to use, and it will improve our day to day lives whether it’s for work or for pleasure.

We at Lovika believe that luxury should not stop at technology. We may not be true audiophiles, but we know high-quality when we see (hear) it. There’s a short list of incredibly high fidelity headphones on the market, some of which require custom ear molds out of silicone or acrylic and easily reach into the thousand dollar range, but you don’t have to go that far to get some of the best sound available today.

We know what you’re thinking. Paying over $1,000 for headphones isn’t something everyone is comfortable with. And if that’s the case for you, there are a considerable number of very good quality headphones in basically any price range; but, if you’re like us and you demand only the best for your ears, the Noble in-ear monitors are the ones to buy. Our favorite model is the Noble Audio Kaiser 10, which offers impeccable sound, a perfect fit, and a stunning design.

noble audio earphones
via Darin Fong

Developed by Dr. John Moulton, a well-known audiologist who has spent years in high-end portable audio, Noble Audio was created to put his experience and knowledge into crafting the best in in-ear monitors.

The Noble Audio Kaiser 10, as the name suggests, has 10 built-in drivers (2 bass, 2 mid, 2 mid/high, and 2 high frequencies to be exact)… all working together in order to deliver the most realistic and coherent sound.

And as you’ve probably already guessed it, these new K10s are not cheap. The top of the line model Kaiser 10 is currently priced at $1599, but they are definitely worth it in our opinion.

For $2899, you can get top of the line
sound and design

noble audio kaiser10 amboyna burl prestige model
$2899 Earphones – Made of Emboyna Burl Wood with 24K gold nugget throughout
(Source: Noble Audio)

You can also have the K10 model as a base and make it custom-designed with a choice of 31 breathtaking materials including exotic wood and other aesthetically-pleasing materials. The most expensive option the official site offers is “Amboyna Burl” exotic wood imported from Burma, Indonesia, and Thailand and it is priced at $2899.

While we cannot let you experience the quality of sound, we can at least show you some of the photos of their amazing designs (images from Noble Audio Instagram):

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