Norell x baccarat perfume

Norell + Baccarat = Elegant $1500 Perfume

When perfume costs more than $1000, you know it must be something special. Whether it’s the content inside or the bottle itself (ideally, both), you want to be sure that it’s worth the price tag.

The Norell New York perfume, currently priced at $1500, is a beautiful marriage of the two. The brand teamed up with Baccarat to create exceptionally-crafted flacons reminiscent of Norman Norell’s simplistic and elegant designs. This is a true limited edition Norell + Baccarat perfume – only 500 of them are made worldwide.

In an interview with Forbes, Celine Barel, the French perfumer who led the recreation of the classic Norell scent, shares her thoughts on what it took to give the scent “effortless chic and understated glamour”:

“I wanted Norell New York to be unforgettable. I kept the original duo of star ingredients based on galbanum and orris butter, and built a modern symphony of floral green notes. My intention was to create a luxurious fragrance with the rigor of construction, hidden luxury of distinctive ingredients and the power of its trail.”

Make sure to check out this short clip of how Baccarat crafts each limited edition bottle.

If you still want the scent without the bottle, the same Norell perfume also comes in a glass flacon for $150.

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