Pop Art Clutch Jeweled with THOUSANDS of Crystals

‘Statement’ items are on a roll this season! From necklaces to winter sweaters, we already covered a bunch of items that will grab anyone’s attention. But when it comes to statement clutches, this one takes the top spot this year. Designed by Sylvia Toledano, the ‘X-Pop Girl Swarovski crystal-embellished’ clutches are a great way to add some sparkle to your evening out.

 Sylvia Toledano X-Pop Girl Swarovski crystal-embellished clutch
(FROM TOP) 123

Just look at how artistically these vibrant colors are used to create the image of a beautiful girl. Each of these clutches are embellished with Swarovski crystals by hand.

swarovskiy crystal embellished clutches

swarovskiy crystal embellished clutches

The X-Pop Girl clutch collection is priced at $2165 and is available at Net-a-Porter. Sylvia Toledano also has an official website (here). Alhough her site is hard to navigate, you can check her exclusive clutch collection there.

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