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biggest closet in the world

The Biggest Closet in the World Is Up for Sale!

A dream closet is on every woman’s wish list, but there are only a few who imagine closets that are simply beyond everyone else’s expectations. We recently featured 11 dreamy Walk-in closets, but this one definitely tops the list (at least size-wise).

Theresa Roemer, an entrepreneur and the woman behind the biggest and one of the most luxurious closets in United States (perhaps in the world), recently put her house on the market for $12.9 million. This is a great excuse for us to take a look inside (even if it’s out of your price range). Whether you can afford it or not, this space something you have to see.

Her extravagant 3-story closet is about 3000 sqr ft (bigger than most apartments and single-family homes). The latest renovation took more than a year to complete. Whoever gets to move into this mansion will be a very lucky woman.

The Biggest Closet:

Theresa Roemer closet

biggest closet
Via Neiman Marcus Blog

What are all of these colorful items? According to an interview with Neiman Marcus, Roemer revealed her list, which includes Hermes for their timeless handbags (followed by Chanel, Fendi and Dior); Donna Karan and Tom Ford for clothes; and Christian Louboutin for shoes.

Theresa Roemer closet

Theresa Roemer closet

biggest closet

biggest dream closet

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