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What Does $260 Chocolate Bar Taste Like?

$260 for a single bar of chocolate? – This better be good.

The basic difference is in the percentage of cacao (81%), but what you’re really paying for is the quality of the beans. Coffee enthusiasts are obsessed over their beans… where they come from, what time of day they were harvested, and the perfect speed of pressing a press. Chocolate, my friend… deserves just as much attention.

The award-winning Fino y de Armona (Nacional), widely known as the finest cacao available, are chosen for their rich aroma and delicately complex flavor. What else would you expect when they come from the birthplace of cacao?

To produce each chocolate bar at this gourmet level, the owner of Toak Chocolate works with a small group of 14 cacao growers in the Arriba growing region. Their processing is finely-tuned down to the tiniest detail, including everything from an exact fermentation and drying method. Once ready, the team painstakingly chooses only the best beans destined to make it into a Toak chocolate.

toak chocolate tweezer
(Photos Courtesy: Toak Chocolate)
It comes with tweezers so the body oil from your fingertips don’t affect the taste

Toak Chocolate Review

For Toak to be so deeply focused on crafting perfect chocolate, it’s no surprise that they would be sure to wrap it in an amazing package.

Toak Chocolate Bar
Weight: 50 grams (about 1.76 ounce)

This limited-edition premium chocolate comes in a beautifully handcrafted Spanish Elm hardwood box, each engraved with a serial number. It also includes a 116-page booklet explaining its heritage, the end to end process, as well as a tasting guide.If you love great food, this is worth it!

Toak chocolate is available at their official site and a few select distributors.

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