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Walking the Aisle – Choo or Louboutin?

Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo? If you didn’t already know, these are perhaps the two most coveted brands for perfect shoes, especially if that day is your wedding day. When you play at this level, you do incredible things.  When the “incredible things” are high quality shoes… well that’s just time to celebrate.

For our first “You Decide” series, we compare 2 designer bridal shoes – Louboutin and Choo. Open-toe stilettos have always been a classic staple item on wedding days for decades. And regardless which wedding dress you choose, these shoes will complement your look beautifully.  Great legs should come with amazing shoes on you special day, even if it is your 5th time. Let’s compare!

Glitter Fabric OR Swarovsky Bubbles?

designer bridal shoes

Whether you’re in Choo’s corner or Louboutin’s, everyone can admit that both of these shoes are NICE. Both are designed with intricately reflective materials. And both have masterful attention to detail.

The Choo pair on the left is made in champagne-colored fabric stitched with glitter, which creates a nicely matte finish due to the size of each piece. It’s a delicate and gentle sparkle that is well refined.

Louboutin, on the other hand, went for a design that amplifies the contrast between light and dark. By using hundreds of Swarovski crystals, they add some serious shine and dimension to the reflections Blacks are bolder, but so are the lights. (This also explains why this Louboutin pump costs 5 times more. Choo is $795 while Louboutin is $3995.)

What About Heel Heights?

jimmy choo or christian louboutin

The heel heights for both are very similar… only a 5mm difference. Choo measures 115mm (4.5″) high with a 25mm platform. Louboutin is at 120mm high with a 20mm front platform. If you are a petite woman, these heights are perfect to elongate your legs. Not only that, but the platforms are designed to be comfortable for hours (something all brides will appreciate).

The Look From The Back


A key thing most women (and many designers) overlook is how the bottom of any pump acts as an accent… not from looking at the bottom of the shoe while holding it… but from the rear.  Louboutin keeps it spicy with his red sole split by the crystal skin. Choo keeps it calm and elegant with a cream platform base and sleek brown lines.

Every woman can agree that both of these are incredible. Not too flashy. Not too subtle. And both are pairs you will wear for many nights to come.

Which one will give you that perfect look?

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