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3 Best Workout DVDs for HOT Bikini Body

Need extra workout motivation? We found the ultimate workout DVDs that will get you ready for that hot bikini body in no time.

3 Best Workout DVDs for HOT Bikini Body


Brazil Butt Lift

If you want to get that hour-glass figure with a BIG boost on your buttocks, this is the workout video you should get.

This 3-DVD series show you different moves on shaping and lifting your behind. What we also love about this workout DVD is the hot models in the background giving you extra motivation to get it going.


Jillian Michaels
Bodyshread Workout

You can’t really go wrong with Jillian Michaels if you are looking for that perfectly toned body. This 60-day program consists of cardio, toning, and weight-shredding workout moves that will get you ready to hit the beach with a HOT bikini body.

What you’ll also love about this special program is the modifiers for both easier and harder versions to try at your own levels. The only thing you will need is dumbbells and motivation.


Shaun T’s
25 Minute Workout

If you want to get maximum results with┬áminimal effort, this workout DVD is exactly what you are looking for. Designed to get an hour’s result in just 25 minutes a day, this total body fitness program is the lazy girl’s answer to getting a slim and toned body really fast.

There are so many rave reviews on how fast the results are from losing 20 pounds to reducing to 3 inches within several weeks.

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