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6 Workout Must-Haves

6 Tech Items to Instantly Improve Your Workout Results

Wearable technology is everywhere. From smart watches to heart rate monitors, we have a variety of options. Although most wearables don’t really improve a workout, sometimes they give you useful information. But if you’re like me, feeling my heart pounding in my chest tells me more than my heart rate monitor does.

In this post, we cover some new basics, as well as a few new gadgets that may actually be useful. Whether your goal is to lose weight, have more motivation, or even just to get new stats, the answers are all here:

Adidas BOOST Running Shoes

adidas boost running shoes

“Energy returning mid-soles”

Feel yourself bouncing off the ground with these Adidas Boost running shoes. The mid-soles of the Adidas BOOST are made of thousands of energy-absorbing pebbles, providing energy return on every step you hit the ground.  The cushioning in these shoes makes you feel more energy as your foot leaves the pavement, adding a bit of fun to your morning run.

Sony Walkman MP3 Player Headphone

Sony Walkman MP3 Player Headphone

Sony Walkman NWZW273 4 GB Waterproof Sports MP3 Player
Headphone with Built-in MP3 Player (Wire Free)

“Headphone with a Built-in MP3 Player”

Whether you are about to go for jogging, yoga or hitting the gym, one thing is essential for enhancing the workout motivation – great music. To be honest, any in-ear headphone will work, but these have a built-in MP3 player, which means you can ditch the smart phone. Just add your favorite workout playlist!

Luluemon Reflective Sportswear

luluemon refliective top

“Be seen! Reflective running gear”

Are you a night-time jogger? Luluemon’s reflective clothing will help keep you visible while working out at night. The reflective material works well when other sources of light are nearby, but you should always be careful when running at night!

UP24 Wristband

jawbone up24 wristband bracelet

“Stats to keep you motivated”

The UP24 wristband by Jawbone is more than a fitness tracker. It’s designed to promote a healthy lifestyle by tracking various measurements including your daily movements, sleep patterns, and even meal recommendations (if desired) to deliver insights for a healthier you.

Athos Workout Clothing

athos workout clothing

“Clothing that tracks your workout movement”

Wearables are everywhere now and we’re only going to see more of them. Well, Athos takes the wearable to a new level. They decided to build workout clothes that track your workout movement and give you a personal analysis of how you can get better results (whether your goal is to lose 5 pounds or just to get toned).

Tera Fitness Mat

lunar tera fitness mat

“Sensors to improve your posture”

Having a Tera Fitness Mat is just like having a personal trainer, except this mat actually gives you stats! The surface of the mat has sensors that track movement patterns and recognize how your body weight shifts. The fitness app that comes with it guides you during the exercises and teaches you correct postures.

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