Baccarat LA BAGUE POP Rings

Bacacarat Creates Summer-Perfect Jewelry with Their Iconic Crystals

With Summer jewelry pieces, we think of colors… A LOT of colors! We also think of something unique that can help us express ourselves on bright sunny days.

Here we feature the La Bague Pop rings designed by Baccarat, which perfectly match our vision of summer jewelry. These La Bague Pop rings have a minimalistic design at first sight, but if you look at them more closely, this collection is all about the subtle details that give a unique vibe: golden threads, contour details, feminine silhouettes, and vibrant crystals.

baccarat la bague pop crystal rings

What else do we love about these wonderful things? The price! Each ring is $375 and comes in 5 different palettes: peony, turquoise (our favorite!), black, light blue, clear, and red.

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