Erickson Beamon Telepathic jewelry collection

Gorgeous Fashion Jewelry You Need to See

We all know certain pieces of jewelry are worth building an entire outfit around. When Spring arrives, it’s a perfect time to try new things with vibrant and colorful accessories.

If you are considering the perfect jewelry to start off this season, check out this Erickson Beamon Telepathic jewelry collection. They are made of irresistibly beautiful and multi-colored Swarovski crystals framed by 24k gold vermeil.

erickson beamon telepathic jewelry collection

The design is on the wild and edgy side, but the vibrant combination of colors perfectly balance them, which gives each one sophistication and elegance. Another great thing about this collection is the price. They start at $395 and are all under $1000.

3 Best Outfits
for Telepathic Jewelry collection:




Necklace | Dress (Vintage) | Sandals | Clutch

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