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Bulgari Le Gemme Perfume

Bulgari’s New Perfume Looks Just as Beautiful as Their Jewelry

BVLGARI, the luxury Italian jewelry maker, recently introduced a collection of 6 new perfumes. First impressions? Fantastic.

These Bulgari perfumes are crafted with precious gemstones (after all, they are one of the most revered jewelry makers) added to their exquisitely designed bottles. What’s more exciting about the launch is the history and myth-evoking stories behind each scent.

Here, we will discuss each of BVLGARI Le Gemme perfume briefly:


Along Gems Road, in the heart of ancient Europe

Inspired by the amethyst (“the scared gemstone”), it symbolizes perfect balance by bringing clarity to our dreams.

Scent: A truly noble, distinguished fragrance that envelops you in aristocratic elegance (With lavender essence, iris absolute, and musk)


From Nishapur, the long journey from Orient to Occident

The name Noorah, was inspired by an exuberance of the infinite heavens. The turquoise was inspired by a journey to Nishapur.

Scent: Its rich, mysterious, and sensual fragrance captures the magnificence of the Silk and Spice Routes (With narguile vapors, candied dates, and Laotian benzoin)


The treasured secret of Egypt’s Ancient Pharaohs

The name Lilaia comes from the Greek Goddess of Spring, which nurtures growth and rebirth. The peridot light green color promotes the meaning of life and regeneration.

Scent: Its uplifting fragrance diffuses into a captivating and rejuvenating energy of nature )With galbanun, mastic absolute, and musk)


Across the magical lands of Brazil and Madagascar

A symbol of love and delight, pink tourmaline evokes feelings of desire and sensuality.

Scent: Its colorfully exuberant, lush fragrance captures the essence of bright, extroverted felinity (With amarena cherry, rose centifolia, and Indian tuberose)


From the wondrous and thriving lands of Sri Lanka

Inspired by the moonstone (“the guardian angel of femininity”), it symbolizes intuition and harmony with nature.

Scent: A white, milky fragrance envelops you in a unique aura of comfort, protection and well being (With white iris, heliotrope, and sandalwood)


A journey into the sunlit Iberian Peninsula

Inspired by citrine (“the gem of the luminous morning sun”), it evokes an enchanting energy of Mediterranean light and fortifies an intelligent mind.

Scent: a perfect blend of sun-drenched citrus with a hint of peach (With Italian lemon tree, orange flower absolute, and Indonesian patchouli essence)

Want Everything?

Some of us have a tendency to want a little bit (or a lot) of everything. If this is you, this is your lucky day! Bloomingdale’s offers all 6 BVLGARI Le Gemme Perfumes as a set in smaller sizes (0.34 oz each) for $260.

Money is Not an Issue?

If money is not an issue, you cannot pass up the exclusive collection (exclusively at Bloomingdale’s), which includes full-sizes of all Bvlgari Le Gemme Perfumes for $1890.

Shop Bulgari Le Gemme perfumes at Bloomingdale’s.

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