Christian Louboutin Rouge red lipsticks

Christian Louboutin’s First-Ever Lipsticks

After the incredible launch of his nail polishes, Christian Louboutin is back with an even more luxurious accent. This time, it’s for your lips!  Check out the latest addition – Christian Louboutin Lipsticks!

These lipsticks are far from their average cousins. The tubes are strikingly designed with either gold or black conical bottom with a decorative crown cap. Who doesn’t love red lips? It has forever been a symbol of alluring confidence.

Here’s Louboutin on his new line:

“After the eyes, lips represent the most expressive element of the face. And there’s the fetish appeal because lipstick can transform a face from intense, to naïve or even dangerous. When a woman makes up her lips, the rest of the face seemingly disappears. Unconsciously, she might become more aware of her lips and her elocution and expression.”

Christian Louboutin Rouge Lipstick

Inspired by the beauty of the Egyptian queen Neferiti, Louboutin’s latest makeup line has 38 irresistible shades, one of which is his signature Louboutin Rouge in 3 different black textured tubes.

Christian Louboutin Makeup Lipsticks

The three textures – Silky Satin, Velvet Matte, and Sheer Voile (to be specific – 20 shades in Silky Satin, 9 shades for Velvet Matte, and 9 shades in Sheer Voile).

Christian Louboutin Lipsticks

Christian Louboutin lipstick is priced at $90 each.

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