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What’s the Best Eyeliner that Stays ALL DAY?

Finding a “good” eyeliner is surprisingly not an easy task. With hundreds (or should we say thousands?) of options out there, it would be impossible to try them all.

But there are two specific eyeliners that you just can’t go wrong! Here are our (and everyone’s favorite of all time):

What's the BEST eyeliner? | Lovika


Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eye Liner

When it comes to an eyeliner, this specific liner is the hands-down. Not only does it truly last all day regardless of your skin type, it also has the most saturation with a very black pigment. Plus, the precise tip makes it easy to apply for daily use.


Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner

Don’t let the price fool you. Maybelline’s Master Precise eyeliner is another amazing option for a drugstore beauty (Also happen to be one of most reviewed eyeliners on Amazon). One reviewer even tested a variety of drugstore liquid eyeliners and her result clearly shows its staying power as well as the pigmentation of this affordable eyeliner.

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