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Jay Strongwater wine stoppers

Hosting a Party? You’re Going to Want These Wine Stoppers

Just one glass of wine…” is quite possibly the default phrase for how you feel most days. Especially if you’re the hosting type. And, of course, you’re going to try to show off your taste by serving them in crystal glasses or exotic decanters… anything to make the wine drinking experience much more classy and elegant. But, today, we want to take this one step further by showing you a few deeply impressive ways to top off your wines.

Designed by Jay Strongwater, the high-fashion jewelry and lifestyle designer, these wine stoppers are truly fascinating to behold. He did such an amazing job turning everyday objects into the meticulous pieces you see below.

These amazingly detailed wine stoppers are accented with crystals and fine enamel detail… by hand! How can you not love the fact that there are people putting this much effort into the little things in life?

jay strongwater wine stoppers sale
1. Giraffe, $195 | 2. Zebra, $195 | 3. Monkey, $225 | 4. Peacock, $195

Shop Jay Strongwater Wine Stoppers at
Neiman Marcus

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