Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear Anti-Aging Pillow

Add This Pillow to Your Anti-Aging Routine

Until this point, most anti-aging treatments are designed to help AFTER you’ve already started aging. Fortunately, here’s an item that can both treat and prevent aging skin: the Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow by Nurse Jamie.

Sleeping in the wrong position can cause premature wrinkles. Considering the fact that you normally (hopefully) sleep for 7 to 9 hours a day, that’s time you could be using to your skin’s benefit as well as your mind.

nurse jamie beauty bear age delay pillow
Nurse Jamie beauty bear age delay pillow, $69

This Beauty Bear pillow has one purpose: fighting wrinkles while you sleep. The pillow has a unique U-shape design on one side to comfortably cradle the face and neck while also providing upper lumbar support.

If you are looking for more options, we recommend checking these Back to Beauty and YourPillowFace pillows as well. These pillows are also designed to prevent sleep-caused wrinkles and creases.

The Anti-Aging Pillow Is Available at
Neiman Marcus

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