Refa anti-aging face roller

Anti-Aging Face Roller – Does It Work?

This thing is everywhere lately!  Japanese women can’t get enough of this Refa Carat face roller, a tool that creates firmer and more younger-looking skin.

Instead of using the dime-a-dozen laser technology that everyone else is jumping into, the Refa face roller uses a low electrical current. According to the official website, our body naturally emits low electrical currents (microcurrents) that help with circulation to keep our skin healthy. But, as we age, the activity of circulation diminishes, which eventually causes our skin to sag, become wrinkled and lose elasticity.

refa carat review

Left: ReFa Carat Roller | Right: ReFa O Style Roller
Left: ReFa Carat Platinum Electronic Roller (the most popular model)
Right: ReFa O Style Roller (provides the same benefits as Re Fa Carat, but more compact version)

Refa Carat roller is designed to improve firmness and elasticity of your skin by delivering these much needed microcurrents onto your skin using 2 platinum coated balls. And, the device gets charged by sunlight or indoor light. You don’t need extra batteries or a power cord for this thing to work its magic.

The two rotating balls are specifically angled (70 degrees to be exact) in a way that when it’s rolled onto your skin, it replicates a gentle pinching and lifting sensation to maximize circulation and stimulate your skin and the muscles below.

refa carat platinum electronic roller
Designed to deliver a massage focused on rolling and lifting sensations to stimulate cells and circulation (used for both facial skin and body)

While the Refa roller is mainly designed to restore healthy and younger looking facial skin, some women use it for other parts of your body including the neck, jaw line and even inner-thigh areas.  The company also offers different designs including Refa Pro, O style, I style, and Refa for Body (all of them use the same technology), but the Refa Carat model has been their most popular product.

If money is not an issue:

refa premium 24k gold
Refa Premium is covered with 24K gold

ReFa also offers a luxury line for their customers! The “Refa Premium” offers the same technology as other Re Fa products, but this one is COVERED with 24 carat gold, which is always a bonus!

The Refa Carat roller is available at Amazon.

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